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John Hubbell’s career has been long and varied covering three different professions, sport, business and education. For the first twenty-five years, he had two overlapping careers, one of sport and one of business.

From 1998, he had a third career in teaching and educational consulting, which he again combined with sport and business to consult in education provision. John has now decided to retire from those pursuits.

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Welcome To LXplus

LXPlus Fitness deals solely with those close to retirement, reaching retirement and in retirement. The vision for LXPlus is to offer wellness programs that positively affect the quality of life as we age and help people stay as youthful as it is possible.

John Hubbell the president of LXPlus Fitness welcomes you to the web site and the information within. The News Letter and Research section will be an ever expanding source of information on the ageing process and you are welcome to subscribe and read the most up to date information.

LX Plus fitness has designed its wellness programs from a scientific approach in understanding biological aging. LX Plus refers to the study of biological age reduction as the process of REJUVENATION.

The individuals that would benefit from the LXPlus programs are those who dislike getting older and want to challenge and fight the aging process.


To demonstrate the need for an individual to be concerned with their long term well-being is how science has extended longevity for both men and women. To demonstrate this; men born in 1948 had a life span of 69 years.  Today those same men have a lifespan of 82 years. However, that is the good news, here is the bad news, yes we are living longer but the scary aspect is that we are not living significantly longer in good health.  We are living longer but most of that increased time is living with a disability. Frankly, this is a disturbing fact for all of us, and to eliminate or delay this fact by rejuvenation should be a significant motivator for all of us.