For all our clients who want to rejuvenate themselves, The LXPlus wellness program consultant will consult with the client to determine their personal goals, their time and the recourses available to them.

The next step is to assess the client to establish a base line of fitness for the start of a rejuvenation program.

LXPlus will then structure a plan and education program based on the client’s time, recourses and goals. The client then starts their individually crafted program and LXPlus monitors it so it can be adapted as the plan progresses to their end goal.
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THE LX PLUS CLIENT: The senior that LXPlus would like as their client is an individual who is motivated to live life to its fullest and is committed to the proces

THE LX PLUS CLIENT: The senior, who wants to follow the LXPlus plan, can do this at his or her own level of commitment and ability.

THE LX PLUS CLIENT: The commitment that an individual needs to consider is three fold: Firstly their personal goal, Secondly time and Thirdly resources.
THE LX PLUS CLIENT: Therefore if the client has virtually no fitness or is extremely fit but wants to expand their own level of rejuvenation or improve in an age group sport LXPlus can help them.
THE LX PLUS CLIENT: LXPlus can help the client by manipulating these three commitment issues and can support the client in reaching their own pinnacle of personal success in their fitness goals.


When I was sixty-two, life was great. I found myself retired after three careers, raising two children and having a wonderful marriage. In retirement, I wanted to do something that interested and fulfilled me and would fit into our lifestyle.  I tried various avenues but nothing really excited me. 

During this process, I experienced a debilitating back injury.  It was a humbling experience to loose my fitness and experience an accelerated ageing process.  This really depressed me, in fact it frightened me. It was at that moment I realized I was not middle aged anymore. I was prematurely starting my old age. I really hated getting old. I decided to fight it.  Therefore, I set out on a mission to rejuvenate my self.  I combined my three career experiences in business, sport and academia. I researched, planned and trained to regain my health and prepare myself for future problems that will certainly arise a result of getting older.

In May 2012 at sixty-four, celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary I realized I had done it.  I had rejuvenated myself, I had lost years and I rehabilitated my physical issues so I could live an active lifestyle. 

In coming to this realization, I felt I had developed a personal formula to deal with ageing.  I also realized that there were other challenges of ageing that lay ahead. This is what I wanted to do. I wanted to fight the aging process.  I thought if I felt this way, then there must be others. So there must be a business opportunity in this area.

What had I done to regain my vigour?  My goal was to rejuvenate myself so I could do the things I enjoyed: play golf, play ice hockey, trek and move without restrictive pain. I approached my ageing issues as if I was training as an elite athlete, and I know what that entails because I was an elite athlete.  I researched as if I was writing a thesis, and I know what that entails because I earned a masters degree.  I wrote a plan to succeed based on my research, and I know what that entails because I have written hundreds of business plans in my career.  Then I executed my plan and achieved my goal.

This realization motivated me to build a business around my own fears about the issues of aging.  This would give me something to do in my retirement that would interest me and fulfill me. Following my own business plan would keep me young in mind and body and improve my quality of life. This would allow me to enjoy life to its fullest as a partner to my wife and a confidant and support to my children and their children.  I could use my experiences to enhance the business model and use my research ability to keep up to date in new advances and theories in ageing. Thus LXPlus Fitness.